Creating Invoices

OrderSpace makes it easy to generate an invoice for an order and send it to your customer. Invoices are also used to keep track of which items have been paid for. If you don't need these features then the use of invoices is entirely optional.

Creating an invoice

Invoices are created from orders.

You can create multiple invoices per order if you are sending goods out at different times. Simply un-check any line items that do not apply. You can also change the quantities of line items.

You can add a delivery and/or extra charge to the invoice, any payment details you would like your customer to note (this is memorised per customer for future use), and you can add comments.

Un-check the box if you do not want to email the invoice to the customer.

Click Create Invoice. The order status moves to Invoiced, and the next step is to mark the invoice as paid once payment has been received.

Proforma Invoices

Proforma invoices are a special type of invoice that are a request for payment. You can send a proforma invoice to a customer and then once payment has been received, generate a corresponding tax invoice. This is done by going to the invoice in the admin and then selecting Create Tax Invoice from the top right. Proforma invoices are not tax invoices for accounting purposes so can not be exported directly to accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks. Instead, the corresponding tax invoice can be exported once it is generated. Since pro-forma invoices add an extra step they should only be used if specifically required.

Common Questions

How can I amend the invoice numbers?

The invoice number is taken from the corresponding order number, so you just need to edit the number on the last order and the next one will follow on from there.

To do this, go to the last order in the admin, then click Edit Details in the top right and change the Order Number.