Dispatching Orders

Dispatching orders will:

  • Mark items as dispatched and change the orders status to fulfilled (if all items on the order have been dispatched)
  • Reduce the quantity On Hand by the amount being dispatched (representing the items leaving your warehouse)
  • Create a Delivery Note for each order being dispatched
  • Email each customer to let them know what has been dispatched (if enabled)


You use this page to select orders for dispatch. It shows all open orders that have been released for dispatched. 

To help you allocate stock quickly, we show the availability for each order based on your current inventory On Hand levels.

  1. Green - Stock is available to dispatch all the items on this order
  2. Orange - Not all the items on this order can be dispatched in full, but some stock is available
  3. Red - None of the stock is available to fulfil this order

For each line item you can see the detail of what is available and what is required. You can then use the auto-pick option that best suits you. If the entire order is available for picking,  Pick All will be shown in green. Click this to select all items for dispatch. If the order is only partially available you can select Pick From Stock to select only the available items and partially fulfil the order.

Once you have selected all the orders ready for dispatch, click  Save Picking List to move onto the next screen.  

Delivery Notes

This page displays the delivery notes for each individual order, and you can print them for picking, and to include in customer packages. You can add comments to the delivery notes prior to printing.

As a default, all orders are selected for dispatch. You can un-check any that you do not go ahead with. You can also go back and make changes by clicking the  Edit Picking List button. Once you are happy, click Dispatch Selected Orders. The orders will then be updated to a status of Fulfilled or Part Fulfilled as appropriate.

We also provide a  Picking List page, accessed by clicking the Picking List link at the top right of the delivery note screen. This collates the total of each SKU that needs to be picked. 

Common Questions

An order has been marked as dispatched by mistake, what can I do?

From the Delivery Note/Packing Slip page click delete in the top right. This will remove the dispatch and put the items back into stock.