Our ShipStation App allows you to automatically export orders from Orderspace to ShipStation, and receive shipping notifications.

How It Works

With Orderspace set up as a selling channel on Shipstation, orders are automatically pulled across to ShipStation when they are created in Orderspace. 

Orders in the New and Invoiced status will go into the Awaiting Payment section of Shipstation. When an order is released for dispatch in Orderspace it will automatically move over to the Awaiting Shipment section of Shipstation the next time a sync is performed.

When orders are fulfilled in ShipStation, a shipping notification will be sent to Orderspace. This will create a dispatch confirmation in Orderspace and mark the order as fulfilled. The carrier and tracking number will be passed through from ShipStation and shown on the dispatch. A dispatch confirmation email will be sent to the customer from Orderspace if these are enabled. 

When orders are cancelled or put on hold in Orderspace, these changes are also passed over to ShipStation and the order will be moved to the appropriate section. When the order is Awaiting Shipment in ShipStation, other edits in Orderspace will be transferred over. This includes changes to the delivery address, changes to quantities and adding new items to the order.

Getting Started

In OrderSpace, go to Apps > Shipstation and activate the app. Set a password to use with the connection and obtain your URL and Username.

In ShipStation, go to Selling Channels > Store Setup, then Connect a Store or Marketplace. Search for and select Custom Store. Enter the URL to Custom XML Page, Username and Password shown on the Orderspace App page.

Map your OrderSpace order statuses to ShipStation using the following settings:

ShipStation OrderSpace
Awaiting Payment Statuses (or Unpaid Status) new, invoiced
Awaiting Shipment Statuses (or Paid Status) released
Shipped Statuses fulfilled
Cancelled Statuses cancelled
On-Hold Statuses preorder

Press Test Connection to make sure everything is working, and then Connect to create the selling channel in ShipStation.

Once the selling channel has been set up, you are ready to export your first order to ShipStation. Only orders created after the app has been activated will be sent through.

Common Questions

How much does the app cost?

Use of the app in Orderspace has no extra cost. Any costs associated with using Shipstation are paid directly to Shipstation.