Volume Discounts

Volume discounts allow you to reduce the price of an item based on the quantity ordered. Discounts can be calculated as a percentage off the unit price, or set as a specific fixed price discount for each discount tier on each item.

To add a volume discount to a product, edit the product in the admin and go to the Pricing tab.

Discount Groups are used to set up a list of quantity price breaks that are shared between multiple products. Whenever you make changes to a discount group, the changes will be applied to all products using that group.

To begin, add a Discount Group and set up your quantity price breaks. 

From Quantity is the minimum quantity needed to qualify for the tier. Each tier should contain a higher quantity than the previous one.

Discount is the percentage discount to be applied to the unit price. The discount will be rounded to the nearest cent or penny. For example if the unit price is $9.99 and the discount is 1%, the calculated discount amount will be 10 cents. Percentage discounts are optional and can be left blank.

Once you have assigned a discount group, you can set up specific fixed price discounts for each item which will override the percentage discount. If these fields are left blank, the percentage discount will be used. In the example below, A202-6 has specific fixed price discounts set for each discount tier, and all other items will default to the percentage discounts.

Fixed price discounts give you more control but they require a lot more time to set up and maintain. For this reason, it is recommended that where possible percentage discounts are used instead. These allow you to adjust your discounts across a range of products easily by editing the percentage amount on the discount group.