Working With Stock

Orderspace gives you the option of tracking and managing inventory levels.

It operates using the concepts of On Hand and Available. On Hand is the amount physically in stock, Available is the amount in stock not allocated to orders. On Hand is the only figure you are able to enter or amend, Available is automatically calculated.

How Orderspace Manages Inventory Levels

  • When an order is placed the quantity Available will be reduced by the amount ordered (representing the items that are now allocated to customer orders)
  • When an order is dispatched the quantity On Hand will be reduced (representing the items leaving your warehouse).
  • Admin can amend the quantity On Hand at any time by changing the On Hand values manually, by bulk import, or by using the Goods In process on the Inventory page in admin.
Condition On Hand Amount Available Amount
An order is placed No change ↓ Reduced
An order is dispatched ↓ Reduced No change
An unfulfilled order is cancelled No change ↑ Increased
A fulfilled order is deleted ↑ Increased ↑ Increased
Stock is added via Goods In ↑ Increased ↑ Increased

Inventory Levels for New Products

When you first set up a product in Orderspace you can enter the On Hand amount. If you are entering your products manually you will do this in the Inventory tab of each product screen. As a default, the Backorder boxes will be ticked. Un-check these if you need to. 

If you are importing products in bulk you can set the initial On Hand value in the import file.