Our Xero integration allows you to export invoices, customers and items from Orderspace directly into Xero.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the Xero Apps page in Orderspace and authorize Orderspace to access your Xero account.

Once authorized you will see the settings page, with the following fields:

Product Sales Account - This is the account in Xero used for products on invoices. It should be a Revenue type account, e.g. Sales. The list of valid accounts and codes can be found in Xero under Settings > Chart of Accounts.

Shipping Sales Account - Set this to the revenue account in Xero used for shipping charges on invoices.

Payment Account - When an invoice is marked as paid in Orderspace, a corresponding payment can be created in Xero against the invoice. To enable this, set Payment Account to the bank account in Xero to use for payments, or leave it blank to turn this feature off. Currently only one payment account is supported, so if you are accepting multiple payment types into different bank accounts you will need to leave this field blank and create the payments manually in Xero.

Invoice Status - When an invoice is exported to Xero, the invoice status can be set to Draft, Awaiting Approval or Approved.

Xero Items - When exporting an invoice, items on the invoice will be linked to those in Xero. The first time an item is used, Orderspace will look for it in Xero by searching on variant code (SKU). If the item is not found, you can choose whether to create it in Xero or fail with an export error. Items created by Orderspace in Xero will be untracked by default.

Tax Rates - Link your tax rates to the corresponding rates on Xero to ensure that items on your invoices are mapped correctly to tax codes in Xero.

Exporting Invoices

Once everything is set up you can export invoices to Xero by selecting them from the Xero App in Orderspace. A link to the app will be added to the top right of your Orders page on the Orderspace admin site. After submitting invoices for export the page will automatically update to show the results. If an invoice fails to export, an "Error" status will be shown. Hover over the error status to see more details about what went wrong.

When exporting invoices, Orderspace will look to see if the customer already exists in Xero. It does this by searching on company name, account number ("Reference" in Orderspace), and main contact email address. If the customer is found in Xero, Orderspace will just link to the existing contact and use it when exporting invoices. Otherwise, Orderspace will export the customer to Xero before exporting the first invoice for that customer.

Note on Proforma Invoices

Proforma invoices are not tax invoices for accounting purposes so they can not be directly exported to Xero. When a proforma invoice is paid a corresponding tax invoice can be generated from it to be sent to the customer. This is done by going to the invoice in the admin and then selecting Create Tax Invoice from the top right. This tax invoice will appear for export to Xero. If this functionality is not needed then the Proforma option should be left unchecked when creating the invoices to generate tax invoices straight away.

Common Questions

How much does the app cost?

Use of the app in Orderspace has no extra cost. Any costs associated with using Xero are paid directly to Xero.

Can I use tracked inventory items in Xero with this app?

Orderspace will look for items in Xero by matching on SKU, and if they are not found, items are added as untracked inventory items. If tracked inventory items are required they can be set up first in Xero and then Orderspace will use these instead.

A customer in OrderSpace has been linked to the wrong contact in Xero, how can I correct this?

Occasionally Orderspace might link to the wrong contact in Xero if you have duplicates. This can be corrected by editing the customer in the Orderspace admin and changing the Xero ID field. The Xero ID can be obtained by viewing the contact in Xero and looking at the web address. For example if the contacts page is https://go.xero.com/Contacts/View/e4c9d0e2-c285-4e85-b579-6d28b180c730 then the Xero ID is e4c9d0e2-c285-4e85-b579-6d28b180c730.

Can I use different sales account codes for different products?

The Product Sales Account you set up in your app settings is used by default for product lines on invoices, but this can be overridden for specific products if required. To do this, edit the product in the Orderspace admin and set the Product Sales Account field.