Taking Payments

Set up payment options to take payments on your invoices. Connect to third party services to take payments online and add any additional off-site payment options you support.

Payment options can be set up from Settings > Payments in the admin. From here, you can enable card payments via Stripe, Paypal Express Checkout, and add any additional off-site payment options you offer.


Stripe is an affordable and easy way to take card payments online. No merchant account or complicated setup is required, and multiple currencies are supported as standard. For pricing and terms, check the Stripe website. With Stripe enabled, customers can pay by card when invoices are emailed to them. Cards can also be held on file and charged automatically when future invoices are created.


Our Paypal add on allows customers to pay using Paypal Express Checkout. This option is shown on the invoice when it is emailed to the customer. Pricing depends on your country and your transaction volume. For more details, see the Paypal website and select your region.

How It Works

If Stripe or Paypal have been enabled, customers will receive a payment request when an unpaid invoice is emailed to them.

When customers click on Pay Now, they will be taken to a view of their invoice online and payment can be made directly from the invoice.

Details of payments are stored and shown on orders, so you can keep track of how and when payments were made. 

If a customer has a card on file, you will see the option to charge the card automatically when future invoices are created. If the charge is successful, the invoice will be emailed to the customer as paid. If the charge fails, a payment request will be sent and the customer can pay using another method.