Deposits and Part Payments


Deposits allow you to request payment for part of an invoice up front and the rest at a later date.

They are set up as part of an invoice payment term.  As an example, we can add a 50% deposit due immediately and the remainder due within 30 days. 

From Settings > Invoices in the admin, select Add Payment Term. Give it a name, for example "50% Deposit". Days Due corresponds to the amount of time the customer has to pay the invoice in full. For our example enter 30 for 30 day terms. Under Deposit, select Require a Deposit, set Deposit Amount to 50 and Deposit Days Due to 0.

Once the deposit has been added as a payment term, it can be selected in the normal way when an invoice is created. The customer will be sent a payment request for the deposit amount initially, and once paid, the invoice will update to show the amount outstanding.

When using our Stripe integration with a card on file, the deposit can be taken automatically when the invoice is created.

Once a deposit has been paid, the invoice will have a "Part Paid" status until the remaining balance has been paid.

Part Payments

Part payments of any amount can be taken or recorded on an invoice through the admin site. This allows staged payments to be taken and the invoice will remain in a "Part Paid" status until it is paid in full.

From an unpaid invoice in the admin, select Record a Payment to record an off-site payment such as bank transfer, cash or cheque. You can select the amount that has been paid, which is either the full amount, deposit amount or a specific amount that you can enter.

Using our Stripe integration with a card on file, part payments of any amount can be taken from the card using the Charge card on file button. 

All payments are added to the order and to the bottom of the invoice so you can see the details.