Commercial Invoices

A commercial invoice is used when exporting goods internationally. It is a legal document between the supplier and the customer that clearly describes the sold goods, and the value of the shipment. A commercial invoice is used by customs officials to determine customs duties. 

You can enable commercial invoices from Settings > General in the admin. 

With Commercial Invoices enabled, each product has three new fields; Tariff Code, Country of Origin and Composition. These can be set from the Details tab when editing each product in the admin, or in bulk using the product import / export from CSV files.

The default Tariff Code, Country of Origin and Composition will be used if the product specific fields are left blank.

Commercial invoices can be printed during the dispatch progress. They are accessed using the link in the top right of the Delivery Notes page. They will only be generated for orders that require customs clearance based on the country you have set in your company address. Here is an example:

Individual commercial invoices can also be viewed after the dispatch process by going to an order in the admin, selecting the dispatch to view the Delivery Note, and then Commercial Invoice in the top right.