Customer Groups

Customer groups allow you to segment your customers and customize the ordering site for specific groups. You can use this to display different delivery options, a different home page and restrict the products customers can see using the restrict categories option.

Adding Customer Groups

Groups are accessed in the admin from the Customers section, then Groups in the top right. From here you can create as many groups as you need. Once you have created a group, you can assign it to a customer by editing the customer. To do this, go to the customer in the admin, then Edit Customer in the top right.

Customer Group Options

Home Page - Use this to change the home page seen by customers in this group when they log in. New pages can be added from Ordering Site > Pages in the admin.

Restrict Categories - Use this to restrict the products visible to customers in this group. Only the products in the selected categories will be accessible to the customers, even from the search.

Delivery Options - Use this to restrict the delivery options available to customers. If only one option is selected then this will be applied automatically to each order. With more than one option selected the customer will be able to choose between them at checkout.