Product categories are used to group related products, e.g by type, style or season.

Getting Started

When you first start your trial, you will only have one category by default. This is called Featured Products. Products listed in this special category will be shown on your customer home page and this category does not support sub-categories.

Adding New Categories

To add new categories click the New Category link in the right hand corner. This will open up the New Category screen where you should input the category name, any descriptive text you would like displayed, product display order, whether it is an active category or not, whether it should be available in the navigation, and whether it is a pre-order collection.

You can also upload a header image and a link image which will be shown whenever the category is linked to.

Hit Create Category to save your changes.

Arranging Your Categories

You can click the drag handles on the left hand side of each category label to re-arrange the order of the categories. You can create sub-categories by clicking the  + Sub-Category buttons on the right hand side.

As a default this screen is filtered to show only active categories, select All Categories from the drop down box at the top of the page if you want to view every category.