Sales Reps

Sales reps can use the ordering site to place orders on behalf of customers, add new customers, view orders, and view and edit all the customers assigned to them.

Sales reps do not have access to the admin site.

Adding Sales Reps

Sales Reps are managed in the admin site from Settings > Users. Add a new sales rep using Add User in the top right. The number of sales reps available to you depends on your plan.

Customer Visibility

The customer visibility option can be used to restrict the customers available to a sales rep. Only customers in the selected customer groups will be visible and the sales rep will not have access to any other customers. With the customer visibility setting enabled, a sales rep will only have access to the selected customer groups when adding new customers.

Admin users can also act as sales reps when using the ordering site and have access to all the same features as the sales rep. The customer visibility setting when applied to an admin only restricts visibility on the ordering site.

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