About Products

Within Orderspace, a product is defined as an entity with a unique code, a name, and a description. Images can be attached to the product, and a product can have attributes and variants.

Product Attributes

Product attributes are the ways in which a product varies. They describe features, appearance or capabilities and include size, color, functionality, flavor, package type etc. Attributes are optional, some products are simple and do not have any variations or options.

Orderspace allows you to have up to 3 types of attribute per product. You assign attribute types by selecting or adding them in the drop down boxes on the product screen. You can also use the Copy Attributes function to quickly copy attributes from existing products.

Once you have added an attribute type, you will see a new dialog box appears which allows you to specify the options for each attribute type. For example, if you select the attribute type 'Colour', you can then add the options 'Red', 'Black',  etc. 

Product Variants

Product variants are the variations of a product with attributes. 

The Variants tab of each product page shows a table of all the variants associated with that product.

So in the example above we have a product with 2 fabric types and 4 sizes. This has resulted in 8 variants, each with a unique product code/SKU.

Product Codes/SKU's

Product Codes or SKU's are unique identifiers for each product variant. 

OrderSpace will suggest SKU's for each variant, based on the product code you define when creating the product and the attributes you assign. You can overwrite this if you have your own codes.

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