Adding Products

You can add products manually or import in bulk

Product Details

First type in the product name,  unique product code and unit price. These fields are mandatory.

Now enter the product description. If you wish to hide the product from customers, un-check the Active box.

Unless you have already set up some product categories, the only category available to you will be the default one we use, called Featured Products. 


Now assign some  attributes. For example colours, sizes etc. When you are happy with your test product click  Create Product to move onto the next screen.


This table shows every variant of the product you have created, and OrderSpace has generated a unique product code for each line item. You can overwrite these if they are unsuitable for your needs. Click on the lightning bolt symbol to copy a value to all rows.

This screen also allows you to specify minimum order amounts per variant, and multiple requirements per variant. 

As a default, the Enabled boxes will be ticked. Un-check these if you need to.


As a default this table will contain the unit price you set on the first tab, and you can make changes to this value if necessary. From this tab you can also set RRP values and create and assign volume discount groups. You will also be able to view and manage price lists from this tab.


In the On Hand column you can type in current stock levels if you choose. As a default, the Backorder boxes will be ticked. Un-check these if you need to.